Friday, December 5, 2014

12/3 Dojo Wars Update & Amateur Wrestling news

12/3 Dojo Wars Update & Amateur Wrestling news

This week, the CZW Professional Wrestling Dojo started the Dojo Trails as they invited former CZW World Heavyweight Champion Biff Busick and his students from his training academy as guests to the dojo for a competitive battle.

This was Curt's first experience in a tag team situation. The match was set: (Team Biff) Brandon Bell, Tim Lobo, and Ace Romero vs. (Team Gulak) Curt Robinson, Conor Claxton, and Frankie Pickard. While I would love to report that this was a bout that was filled with sportsmanship, I sadly can not. From my perspective, Team Biff pushed the limits of "legal" and crossed the line several times. Drew Gulak, head trainer at CZW Dojo was not happy and voiced his opinion to the referee, who clearly lost control early on. 

Curt went for, what is becoming one of his trademark submissions, the banana split, but was broken up via the Team Biff teammates. Team Biff eventually came out on top of the match up. Team Gulak was heated and the pinball of the match saw tempers flare from everyone. You can only assume, this is not the end. 

Amateur Wrestling season is here, Curt is focused and starts tomorrow with the first Dual Meet. Details on how he does, record and more info will be updated as the season continues. Curt's next scheduled Dojo Wars appearance is scheduled for New Years Eve. 

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