Sunday, October 12, 2014

Exhibition match details 10-11-14

Exhibition match details 10-11-14

Last night, Curt Robinson had an exhibition match for CZW/MBA Alzheimer's Benefit show in Woodbury Heights, NJ. His opponent for the evening would be CZW veteran Mr Sozio, the leader of The Front. The Front are quite honestly one of the toughest factions within the company so this would be a huge "welcome" into the sport. 

Not knowing what to expect, Curt put all his chips on the table and moved forward. Facing anyone on this type of stage would be tough, and we are sure Curt was nervous. 

Yakuza Kick!!

Curt gave one hell of a performance and tried his best...sadly, he came up short. This is too be expected in Professional Wrestling. Curt knows he has a ton to learn. Curt has a great support system and will continue to improve. 

Looking ahead, this week Curt heads to the great state of North Carolina and faces long time family friend, Steve Corino. Corino has stated this will be his own first title defense of his newly won, British World Heavyweight title. If anything, Robinson will have an opportunity to upset the world. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Follow along on Twitter @CurtRobinsonPro. 

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