Sunday, October 26, 2014

BWO recap vs. fellow CZW Dojo trainee Dan O'Hare

BWO recap vs. fellow CZW Dojo trainee Dan O'Hare

Photo courtesy Lyle C. Williams

This past weekend, Curt Robinson wrestled at BWO Pro Wrestling in Little Egg Harbor, NJ. This was Curt's 1st appearance for the company and this time, Curt faced 250lb. fellow CZW dojo trainee, Big Dan O'Hare. 

This was a great show for the entire family and is promoted by one of the CZW dojo trainers, Preacher Finneus James (who trains on Thursday nights at the dojo). Many other CZW dojo trainees were showcased plus CZW regulars Alexander James, Eric Corvis and Mr. Sozio. 

Big Dan gave Curt a run and it seemed the cards were stacked against him. This was your classic David and Goliath based match. Curt had to use his amateur background, plus, had to step away from his comfort zone and deliver some kicks to try to get the mountain of a man off his feet. As the momentum was starting to shift in Curt's favor, Mr. Sozio made his presence known again.

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