Friday, September 12, 2014

Curt Robinson receives an offer...

2nd Generation Rookie Receives an Offer. 

Generational bloodlines within professional wrestling are nothing new. In fact, over the last several years, wrestling fans favorites from the 80's now have their children in main events on television weekly. This introduction has very special meaning to the PWF and it's own legacy.

In 2001, in a small town outside of Philadelphia, the Premier Wrestling Federation was born. The owners were King Corino, who had just left renegade company, ECW along with partners Rob Dimension and Bryan Riegel. Like any business partners, at social gatherings the families would mingle and the children would play. Often before the monthly shows, it wasn't rare to see a 5 yr old Colby Corino (Steve's son), or even 1 yr old lil' Rob Dimension (Rob's son) in the ring, playing and just being kids. I'm sure that Steve nor Rob ever thought "someday, they will follow our lead."

Fast forward to 2014 and both Colby and Rob Jr. have had successful amateur wrestling runs within their schools. Steve and Rob have continued their antics up and down the coast, even though things have slowed down a bit. Steve works for Ring of Honor as part of the broadcast team, while Rob has become an award winning filmmaker and producer. Colby recently moving onto become a college student while Rob Jr. has just started high school.

Rob Jr had grown up within professional wrestling and at just 14, at the end of 8th grade, worked up the nerve to talk to his Dad, "Dad, what if I wanted to become a professional wrestler?" Dimension taken back for a moment, sat thinking and a smile appeared on his face, "If your Mom says yes, I'm all for it." The end of May, 2014, Dimension took his son to the CZW Professional Wrestling Dojo in Blackwood, NJ, and spoke to Combat Zone Wrestling owner DJ Hyde, whom Dimension had managed many times over the past 13 years. After speaking with Rob Jr., Hyde agreed to take the younger Dimension with the tutelage of International wrestling star, Drew Gulak under their wings to learn the sport.

PWF President Bert Foxx has been keeping a keen eye on young Dimension's progress and reached out to the CZW offices and invited Rob Jr. to have his 1st match in the company that holds the PWF name that his Dad and King Corino co-owned. Rob Jr, now known as Curt Robinson, is a legitimate wrestler who is looking to use his strong amateur wrestling background to help jumpstart his career within the squared circle.

More on Curt Robinson's 1st match as the details roll into the PWF offices, including when and who will be the opponent at

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