Monday, December 29, 2014

The Journey - Step 3 is now available!

The Journey - Step 3 is now available!

The Journey, Step 3 is now available for you to watch. This Step is behind the scenes with Curt's first exhibition match against CZW World Heavyweight Champion Sozio. Curt is the youngest to ever receive a CZW Title shot. Find out what went through Sozio's mind, what Curt was thinking and what happened. For more info, follow Curt at @CurtRobinsonPro on Twitter!

Thanks again to Matt Barnes, Drew Gulak, Sozio and DJ Hyde, plus the CZW Dojo.

Friday, December 5, 2014

12/3 Dojo Wars Update & Amateur Wrestling news

12/3 Dojo Wars Update & Amateur Wrestling news

This week, the CZW Professional Wrestling Dojo started the Dojo Trails as they invited former CZW World Heavyweight Champion Biff Busick and his students from his training academy as guests to the dojo for a competitive battle.

This was Curt's first experience in a tag team situation. The match was set: (Team Biff) Brandon Bell, Tim Lobo, and Ace Romero vs. (Team Gulak) Curt Robinson, Conor Claxton, and Frankie Pickard. While I would love to report that this was a bout that was filled with sportsmanship, I sadly can not. From my perspective, Team Biff pushed the limits of "legal" and crossed the line several times. Drew Gulak, head trainer at CZW Dojo was not happy and voiced his opinion to the referee, who clearly lost control early on. 

Curt went for, what is becoming one of his trademark submissions, the banana split, but was broken up via the Team Biff teammates. Team Biff eventually came out on top of the match up. Team Gulak was heated and the pinball of the match saw tempers flare from everyone. You can only assume, this is not the end. 

Amateur Wrestling season is here, Curt is focused and starts tomorrow with the first Dual Meet. Details on how he does, record and more info will be updated as the season continues. Curt's next scheduled Dojo Wars appearance is scheduled for New Years Eve. 

Stay tuned to @CurtRobinsonPro on Twitter for daily details! Thanks!

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Journey - Step 2 - Choice

The Journey - Step 2 - Choice

This week, we released Step 2 of Curt Robinson's The Journey. We look at the Choice on where to train and how important it really is. We ask the trainers more about training Curt, with the pro's and con's and who Curt is inspired by. This episode features a lot of great in sight that should open your eyes to real professional wrestling. 

Once again, follow Curt Robinson on Twitter @CurtRobinsonPro and Like his FB page Curt Robinson  Enjoy and make sure you subscribe to the channel to stay up to date on new releases and get the episode as soon as it goes up!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Another Dojo Wars recap and more

Another Dojo Wars recap and more

This past weekend, Curt was able to second his trainer, Drew Gulak who was managed by Curt's Dad, Rob Dimension at Xcite Wrestling in Binghamton, NY. Curt was ringside when the assault on long time friend Colby Corino happened. When asked for his opinion, Curt had no comment but didn't seem like he enjoyed being a part of the beat down which saw young Corino taking a trip to the hospital after Gulak's vicious attack. More info on this as it develops.

Last night Curt battled Dan O'Hare again but this time, "The Big Scare" got the better of Curt with a powerful O'Hare Slam in a little over 4 minutes. Curt had a wound opened up above his eye and a bloody nose via the battle but is just fine today. The match was again, a lot of amateur based mat wrestling and should be available via Dojo Wars on YouTube soon. We will keep you posted.

Curt's High School Wrestling season has begun so we will keep you posted on that as well. Thanks for reading!

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Journey - Step 1

The Journey - Step 1

Today we release the documentary titled "The Journey", which chronicles a young man chasing his dream to become a professional wrestler. That young man is Curt Robinson; a 14 year old amateur wrestler who has grown up in and around the wrestling business who puts his goal out for all to see. 

Surrounded by a great support system, including a great training facility and an array of multi talented individuals who are "lifers" within the sport, offering life lessons and guidance along the way, Curt is determined. Additional steps will follow, including preparing for an exhibition match and debuting against wrestling legend, Steve Corino. This is his 1st Step:

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dojo Wars debut and more

Dojo Wars debut and more

Last night Curt successfully debuted for CZW's Dojo Wars. Dojo Wars is a great platform for up and coming students and wrestlers to learn to master their craft against fellow students or veteran wrestlers. Its a intimate venue and is a great learning experience in front of a live audience. 

Curt faced fellow student Dan O'Hare. Dan is also a rookie but, this isn't their first time meeting. Unlike last time, this match was based on strong mat wrestling. Curt has his amateur wrestling season about to begin so this was a great opportunity for him to prepare for the season. Dan is a fierce competitor and it was a well fought bout for both. 

At the 3:48 point, Robinson locked on a Banana Split Submission hold that can also score a pinfall. That chalks up the first victory for young Robinson. His next scheduled match up will be Nov 19th, back at Dojo Wars. For more info about Dojo wars, visit Bell time is 8pm and the cost is only $5. It makes for a fantastic night out. 

This match will be available soon via youtube at the following link CZW News

Some are asking about the Banana Split, so here is an example:

Sunday, October 26, 2014

BWO recap vs. fellow CZW Dojo trainee Dan O'Hare

BWO recap vs. fellow CZW Dojo trainee Dan O'Hare

Photo courtesy Lyle C. Williams

This past weekend, Curt Robinson wrestled at BWO Pro Wrestling in Little Egg Harbor, NJ. This was Curt's 1st appearance for the company and this time, Curt faced 250lb. fellow CZW dojo trainee, Big Dan O'Hare. 

This was a great show for the entire family and is promoted by one of the CZW dojo trainers, Preacher Finneus James (who trains on Thursday nights at the dojo). Many other CZW dojo trainees were showcased plus CZW regulars Alexander James, Eric Corvis and Mr. Sozio. 

Big Dan gave Curt a run and it seemed the cards were stacked against him. This was your classic David and Goliath based match. Curt had to use his amateur background, plus, had to step away from his comfort zone and deliver some kicks to try to get the mountain of a man off his feet. As the momentum was starting to shift in Curt's favor, Mr. Sozio made his presence known again.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Debut recap including WAW UK Title Match vs. King Corino

Debut recap including WAW UK Title Match vs. King Corino

King Corino & Robinson 

This past weekend Curt Robinson and family make the trip to Hubert, North Carolina for his official debut for the Premier Wrestling Federation against professional wrestling legend, King Corino for the WAW British World Heavyweight Championship.

Curt was silent most off the trip down to NC, the reality of waiting and working hard, every day with one goal in focus, had finally arrived. Pressure at such a young age was being handled like a pro. Focus and knowing you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The PWF arena was the Hubert Bingo Hall, which really captured the southern wrestling atmosphere. The entire locker room was fantastic. The fans were great and at points through the match, believed they were about to witness an upset of a lifetime.

Hats off to King Corino for being a true professional and after the match showing the upmost sign of respect, by giving the young Robinson, representing the Combat Zone Dojo the center of the ring. Even though Curt came up short, everyone was proud and he had nothing to hang his head about.

Unlike many, he had a goal, the determination and he achieved it. Regardless of how many supporters you have, regardless of the help along the way....when the bell rings, its you vs your opponent. Things will only get better. Robinson will continue to learn his craft, plus amateur wrestling season is upon us. Also, Robinson is doing all of the is, while maintaining an A average in school.

Stay tuned right here or follow Curt on Twitter @CurtRobinsonPro, also, FB fan page is CurtRobinson ProWrestler

This coming Saturday, Curt Robinson will be wrestling for BWO in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey. This is a great family style wrestling event and they are even having a costume contest!!

Plus, Wednesday October 22 Dojo Wars continues at the CZW Dojo, for only $5 per ticket and an 8pm bell time. This happens every other Wednesday. Details at

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Exhibition match details 10-11-14

Exhibition match details 10-11-14

Last night, Curt Robinson had an exhibition match for CZW/MBA Alzheimer's Benefit show in Woodbury Heights, NJ. His opponent for the evening would be CZW veteran Mr Sozio, the leader of The Front. The Front are quite honestly one of the toughest factions within the company so this would be a huge "welcome" into the sport. 

Not knowing what to expect, Curt put all his chips on the table and moved forward. Facing anyone on this type of stage would be tough, and we are sure Curt was nervous. 

Yakuza Kick!!

Curt gave one hell of a performance and tried his best...sadly, he came up short. This is too be expected in Professional Wrestling. Curt knows he has a ton to learn. Curt has a great support system and will continue to improve. 

Looking ahead, this week Curt heads to the great state of North Carolina and faces long time family friend, Steve Corino. Corino has stated this will be his own first title defense of his newly won, British World Heavyweight title. If anything, Robinson will have an opportunity to upset the world. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Follow along on Twitter @CurtRobinsonPro. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Steve Corino responds for Oct 19th & Ups the stakes!

Steve Corino responds for Oct 19th & Ups the stakes!

Last night, while training, Curt received this video and quite honestly, he was shocked. Steve Corino has known Curt and been a family friend for nearly 15 years, so now Corino ups the stakes and applies pressure to Curt's official debut, by announcing that the British World Title is NOW on the line!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Curt Responds to King Corino about 10/19/14

Curt Responds to King Corino about 10/19/14

Rookie Curt Robinson responds to the announcement of facing King Corino at the Oct 19th event for the Premier Wrestling Federation. As we've stated, Corino has known Curt his entire life and listen to Curt's response below. We hope you will come out and support Curt on this chance of a lifetime.

Follow them all on Twitter @KingCorino @PWFLegacy @CurtRobinsonPro

Monday, September 29, 2014

Upcoming Matches and Details

Upcoming Matches and Details

Big things are on the horizon for young Curt Robinson as October is shaping up to be a month to remember. As many know, Curt Robinson was announced to make his debut for PWF in Hubert, NC on Oct. 19th, now the opponent for Robinson on Oct. 19th has been revealed as former ECW World Heavy-weight Champion and current ROH star, King Corino. Corino has known Robinson for his entire, young life and has gone on record as stating "I have known this kid since he was in diapers. His father, Rob Dimension, was one of the original owners of the PWF, and I have followed Curt's training since day one. It makes sense to me that he has his first match with me. But I am going to warn you kid. I am not going to take it easy on you. Life is about lessons and I am going to teach you one. Pack a lunch Curt Robinson, because school will be in session. Old School." This rookie has his hands full but will be responding this week.

Artwork for Curt Robinson has also been revealed this week. The artwork was provided by Buz Hasson, Ken Haeser and Blair Smith, the team behind the popular "The Living Corpse" comic book series available by Dynamite Comics. The artwork will be available on t-shirts in the coming months, so stay tuned right here!

For more details and up to the minute information, follow Curt at @CurtRobinsonPro on Twitter.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Curt Robinson receives an offer...

2nd Generation Rookie Receives an Offer. 

Generational bloodlines within professional wrestling are nothing new. In fact, over the last several years, wrestling fans favorites from the 80's now have their children in main events on television weekly. This introduction has very special meaning to the PWF and it's own legacy.

In 2001, in a small town outside of Philadelphia, the Premier Wrestling Federation was born. The owners were King Corino, who had just left renegade company, ECW along with partners Rob Dimension and Bryan Riegel. Like any business partners, at social gatherings the families would mingle and the children would play. Often before the monthly shows, it wasn't rare to see a 5 yr old Colby Corino (Steve's son), or even 1 yr old lil' Rob Dimension (Rob's son) in the ring, playing and just being kids. I'm sure that Steve nor Rob ever thought "someday, they will follow our lead."

Fast forward to 2014 and both Colby and Rob Jr. have had successful amateur wrestling runs within their schools. Steve and Rob have continued their antics up and down the coast, even though things have slowed down a bit. Steve works for Ring of Honor as part of the broadcast team, while Rob has become an award winning filmmaker and producer. Colby recently moving onto become a college student while Rob Jr. has just started high school.

Rob Jr had grown up within professional wrestling and at just 14, at the end of 8th grade, worked up the nerve to talk to his Dad, "Dad, what if I wanted to become a professional wrestler?" Dimension taken back for a moment, sat thinking and a smile appeared on his face, "If your Mom says yes, I'm all for it." The end of May, 2014, Dimension took his son to the CZW Professional Wrestling Dojo in Blackwood, NJ, and spoke to Combat Zone Wrestling owner DJ Hyde, whom Dimension had managed many times over the past 13 years. After speaking with Rob Jr., Hyde agreed to take the younger Dimension with the tutelage of International wrestling star, Drew Gulak under their wings to learn the sport.

PWF President Bert Foxx has been keeping a keen eye on young Dimension's progress and reached out to the CZW offices and invited Rob Jr. to have his 1st match in the company that holds the PWF name that his Dad and King Corino co-owned. Rob Jr, now known as Curt Robinson, is a legitimate wrestler who is looking to use his strong amateur wrestling background to help jumpstart his career within the squared circle.

More on Curt Robinson's 1st match as the details roll into the PWF offices, including when and who will be the opponent at

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